Four Winds Healing is an Indigenous Women Led Healing Service out of Las Vegas, Nevada 


Trained in traditional songs from Lakota, Chumash, and Aztec cultures. These songs are often used in ceremonies to invoke spiritual connection, healing, and community bonding.

I am of Aztec lineage and been a Dancer, Drummer, Singer and leader of my own group.  I received my name ********* from

Many in my family before me were healers, medicine workers and lived a highly spiritually guided life.

My life has taken me many places and connected me to many different indigenous tribes throughout the American Southwest. I have

Peruvian trained Plant Medicine Facilitator; trained with the Shipibo people

I am passionate about preserving the traditional ways and knowledge of my culture and enjoy

** If interested in learning the traditional ways of crafting: Beading, sewing, ribbon skirts, and am open to booking classes at local venues.